Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Citadel Mini Gathering Winners

Well, a good crowd of young players came out to the final round of this years mini gathering series here in Halifax. I was very fortunate to have secured some wonderful sponsorship from The National Piping Centre, McCallum Bagpipes, and Scott's Highland Services who all graciously donated wonderful over prizes for all the grades right from Chanter to Grade 1. This is the 4th year now that we have held these events in the winter and the quality of the competitor gets noticeably better each month. A big thanks goes out to our judge, Andy Rogers who also came in from Fredericton and donated his services for this event. These events have also shown that the players are now much better prepared for the summer events which brings up the quality of piping in the Atlantic region. They all play in rounds in Feb Mar and Apr and grade 4,3,2,1 play 2 events in one month so the aggregate is a total of the 4 events they played in. good luck to you all this season from here on in.
The overall winners were
Chanter Rory Flynn
Grade 5 Kayla Johnson
Grade 4 Trey Main
Grade 3 Cindy Gillis
Grade 2 Alex MacNaughton
Grade 1 Katie Buckland

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Citadel Mini Gatherings

Stay tuned for the winners, prizes and photo's of this years overall champions here in Halifax

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Launch of My New Blog!

Well, slowly, the web site jumps into the next thing, and I want to keep everyone up to date with projects and performances, so I'll be adding to this blog on a regular basis! Keep checking back, and I'll be posting from my travels!