Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Season

Just a small note to wish everyone best wishes for a great Holiday season. I will be traveling up to Ontario with my family and we will celebrate the week with several visits to our friends homes and there will be lots of tunes along the way.

I often find it tough at this time of year to keep motivated but now that I have entered for Kansas City Winter Storm, it seems that a deadline is just the trick to do that. I still love to play anytime, but I find that while I am so busy teaching and working on music, if there is not a reason, like a house party or the like, I just won't put the effort in.

i would love to hear how you all keep motivated to play when you just feel like you are burning out a bit, or just plain too tired or busy. I know that once I get up and start playing, I'm loving it almost every time but that big ugly word, procrastination, often keeps me from moving forward as much as I can. For instance, I looked at my clock and I was going to get a good hour in just now but I procrastinated once again and now have to run to get in this half hour session. Oh well, the pipes will be going and perhaps I'll squeeze in another half hour this afternoon. See you in January


Friday, December 7, 2007

tough medicine-good people

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted a blog and a lot has happened since then. On October 27th I got news of a family emergency and needed t go home to Victoria. So, packed up everything into my computer bag and brought it home to get ready to go on the trip. Well, I left the bag in the cab, for only maybe 15 seconds but he was gone. I immediately called cab companies and then the police but after a few weeks, it was too late. Nothing has appeared since. It's just like Murphy's Law as I happened to have the backup hard drive with me as well, duh. So, that's what happened. The point, it's just a nice place to make a public thank you to all the great people in the piping world that jumped up and sent me all sorts of files and mp3's that they had received over the years from different lessons and workshops. Now I am on the rebuild and will hopefully have more news for you. sorry no pictures yet, have to get a new camera as well .