Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seattle school

Well, the past two weeks have been very busy here in Halifax, with extra work meetings, trying to get ready for the Metro Cup in New Jersey this weekend and trying to fit in the lessons from all the skype people. Scheduling can be tough at times with all the time zones involved, but a great collaborative effort on both sides usually makes these work out okay.

I was suppose to be at Seabeck, Washington on February 3rd for the Celtic Arts Foundation, Winter School, a true highlight of the year for me
but circumstances that came up made it impossible for me to attend at the last minute which was disappointing but my wonderful cast of students sent this little picture to me which was very uplifting, and thank you John Courtney for arranging that.

The Skype family continues to grow, I try to share stories from one student to another and hope to get a bit of a newsletter going once again as I am the one that truly benefits with all the different friendships and knowledge I get from all the players. keep up the hard work gang and thanks for the support! You're hard work has inspired me in another way that i hope to let you all in on soon.