Saturday, December 19, 2009

33 years later

Well, it's December 20th and I have awoken to realize that it's now 33 years since my dad passed. Each year, I generally take an hour or so and go off by myself to a pub or a lounge and just sit and think. I quietly recite many of the thoughts of the year,think about my family and what went on in the piping arena once again.

My father was a huge supporter of all things piping, from helping the kids to enjoying listening to the best tunes from the top open players. I find it to be very good therapy to do this each year. Just going away on my own and sitting and thinking, often giving my dad a hard time and practically yelling at him under my breath for not being around and missing all of this. It's a tough couple of days until I go out for my therapeutic session but i"m always glad I do.

Wish he was still around, he only got to see me perform as a grade one amateur but he did get to see me play with the grade one band City of Victoria. It's all relative though really, had he not passed away, my life would be completely different, I may not have ever met my wife, or have the two children that are changing the world in their own way, as every person does. So, it is what it is and I'll just continue to take my couple of hours each Dec 20 to remember, what is, what could have been, what should have been and hopefully, can end up back at the beginning with what is a current reality.

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