Monday, December 28, 2009

The Captain

Well, it's just after Christmas and Bruce Gandy Music is back in full swing today. A few people had opportunity with days off or school out to get a chance and I have a couple of free days here before traveling up to Ontario for the New Year so I figured I'd make some time and teach a few hours here and there. Besides , it keeps me out of the crazy stores for now with all the boxing day madness.

As I searched around a few of the websites that I often frequent, I was back onto the Captains corner and it got me to thinking. I remember the captain making a post last year about my trip to Hawaii , a how life must be good yada yada yada so I thought it only right to honor him back after his recent excursion to the Caribean. Just in case you were getting a little soft Captain , or thought that perhaps I was for giving you a hard time about your trip, I"ll post a couple of wee photo's that I've downloaded. Down here in the Maritimes, we're a pretty tough group and while you were on your cruise ship sipping marguerita's etc, It was my son Alex's 21st Birthday here and being that our rule for the birthdays is for the person to choose what to eat, Alex chose his favorite,,,,,,Bar B Que steaks so your's truly was out grilling in the minus 5 weather with the flurries coming and going. Of course, a nice pint of Kilkenny helped out in dealing with the elements and with the timing so as not to burn things. Then it was a sit down for a couple of tunes and a good night for us all later. Well, it must be time to get ready for the next student. Back to you soon.


The Captain's Corner said...

heh Bruce...isn't piping life the best...Hawaii, Caribb., Halifax in a blizzard and Fonthill here on the tractor plowing out drives! time for us both to consider southern teaching from December to March!

Congrats to Alex on his 21st! ... a milestone in his life and hopefully a few more milestones yet to come(at least 2)!...his father's son!...captain

Anonymous said...

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